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Explore Canada's oldest maximum-security prison, Kingston Penitentiary. Closed in 2013 and designated as a National Historic Site, it is a remarkable historical property, predating Canada's confederation in 1867. This architectural marvel offers a variety of spaces for reservation for both public and private events featuring indoor and outdoor courtyards, architecturally stunning vaulted ceilings, a unique flying staircase, and more. Additionally, our captivating guided tours offer a unique blend of education and entertainment, ensuring an ideal destination for all attendees.


  • Kingston Penitentiary is available between May 2024 and November 2024.
  • Kingston Penitentiary is not available as a venue for events/activities conflicting with our organization's mission. Any event, activity, costume, décor, etc. that glorifies crime or sensationalizes the correctional system, including offenders, is prohibited. 
  • Respect towards the individuals who have worked and lived at Kingston Penitentiary must always be exercised.
  • All venue use requests require approval from Kingston Pen Tours and Correctional Service Canada.
  • Kingston Penitentiary is not climate controlled and can simply serve as a raw venue space for public or private events/activities.

How to Book Kingston Penitentiary as a Venue

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On-Site Visit & Venue Choice

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Booking Finalization

To finalize your Venue Reservation, the following must be complete:

  • Provide proof of insurance
  • Signing of contract
  • Provide payment
  • Please note that payment is only accepted via Credit or Interact.

Venue Options

Keeper’s Hall Courtyard

Keeper’s Hall, built in c. 1912, is found within a beautiful courtyard adorned with trees and greenery within the penitentiary. The Main Cell Block, whose construction began in 1833, and Dining Hall outline the courtyard’s perimeter, offering a perfect soundboard for music or movie showings. This outdoor space can accommodate more than 1000 individuals.

Dining Hall

The Dining Hall, built between 1849 and 1852, is the location in which the entire offender population was fed en masse until 1897. This indoor location can be used on its own or as a perfect add-on to the outdoor Keeper’s Hall Courtyard for storage, talent, food & beverage, VIP area, etc.

Main Cell Block

With its construction beginning in 1835, the Main Cell Block is known as the actual birthplace of Federal Corrections in Canada. Adorned with a security post in the center of its Main Dome, the Main Cell Block takes the shape of a multi-stacked wagon wheel where the centre security post acts as the hub, and the cellblocks as the spokes. With its high ceilings, multiple levels, and intricate architectural components, the Main Cell Block provides a large and unique venue.

Cell Range

Kingston Penitentiary currently has six cell ranges on four tiers. Choose one of the available 34-celled two-tiered Cell Ranges for a unique event venue.

KP Gymnasium

Completed in 1956, Kingston Penitentiary’s Gymnasium is one of the modern additions to the institution. Furnished with a stage, this large and bright space provides a perfect venue for sports matches, performances, presentations, graduations, conferences, markets, etc.

Shop Dome

The Shop Dome, completed in 1849, is a key location of historical architectural highlights. Ornamented with its unique flying staircase, it’s usable second level catwalk, and its high ceilings, the Shop Dome is sure to provide the sought-out awe-factor amongst your event’s guests.

Mattress Shop

The Mattress Shop, located within the Shop Dome, is one of the most architecturally stunning locations within Kingston Penitentiary. Featuring impressive vaulted ceilings and bright natural light, this venue offers a raw gallery-like aesthetic sure to impress your guests. With a standing capacity of approximately 120 individuals, this space is ideal for a cocktail party, banquet, dinner party, or similar events.

Mattress Shop Courtyard

Located just outside the stunning Mattress Shop is a barb-wired fenced-in courtyard. This courtyard space can be utilized on its own or as an easily accessible outdoor space add-on to the Mattress Shop, perfect for an indoor-outdoor event.

Upholstery Shop

The Upholstery Shop, located on the second floor of the architecturally beautiful Shop Dome, provides a large, brightly lit, and high-ceilinged space for any event. Please note that the only way to access this venue is by staircase.

Canvas Shop

Much like the Upholstery Shop, the Canvas Shop provides an even larger brightly lit space on the second level of the Shop Dome. Once again, please note that the only way to access this venue space is by staircase.

Recreation Yard

Boasting the biggest space within Kingston Penitentiary, the Recreation Yard is the perfect venue for outdoor events. Enclosed by 34-foot-high concrete walls, adorned with Guard Towers, and located near Lake Ontario, the Recreation Yard provides a unique outdoor venue for larger-scaled events.

RTC* Gymnasium

The Regional Treatment Centre*, an entirely separate second institution within the walls of Kingston Penitentiary, is located adjacent to the Recreation Yard. The RTC Gymnasium can be used as a colourful indoor venue space of its own or one for talent, VIP area, staff area, catered luncheon/dinner in addition to the outdoor Recreation Yard space.

Steam Plant

The Steam Plant, located within the South Wing of the Shop Dome, is a large indoor space adorned with high ceilings and full walls of historic windows. This raw space brimming with natural light is architecturally stunning as an event venue.

South Waterfront

The South Waterfront encompasses the space between Kingston Penitentiary’s South Wall and Lake Ontario. With incredible panoramic views of the waterfront, this quiet and private large outdoor space is a perfect venue for any event.


  • Rates vary per location and per time selection.
  • Discounted group tour rates are available for Kingston Penitentiary venue bookings.

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